Glenbard West Football will celebrate 100 years of competition this fall.  A history of football at Glenbard West will be chronichled here over the coming months.  Among the content will be details of these events and more:


  • Glen Ellyn High School, with classes beginning in 1915, was located in rooms on 2nd floor at Crescent & Main

  • A football team was formed from the 50 freshman and sophomore students enrolled, and lost their first game to Wheaton by a score of 20-6.

  • First Varsity game held in 1916, losing to Wheaton 72-6

  • Home games were played near the Lake Ellyn Boathouse location until a permanent field was built years later

  • The term Glenbard came into use in 1922

  • Glenbard played on new home field, just north of the school in the area where Lake Ellyn that had been filled in

  • Lightweight & Heavyweight divisions competed until 1947 when the format saw the end of Lightweight football

  • Bill Duchon takes the head coaching position in 1961

  • The Hitters Club began in 1964, dedicated to Marine Lt. Bruce Capel, Class of '60, who was KIA in Vietnam

  • Bill Pope, Class of '46, founded Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles youth football and the BGYFL in 1963 

  • Jim Covert began his 18 year run as head coach in 1977, installing the 100 Club as his program standard

  • 1983 Class 5A Illinois State Champions 13-0

  • Chad Hetlet era begins in 2007

  • 2012 Class 7A Illinois State Champions 14-0

  • 2015 Class 7A Illinois State Champions 14-0  

  • The rules of being an Old Codger 


Much more to come as we celebrate 100 years of history!